Food in Puducherry

The union territory of Puducherry is a tremendous place, which features spectacular landscape characterized by sheer grandeur, moderate weather conditions and unusual culture, which is a result of the rich historical background of the region. Owing to the fact that Puducherry is a land of assorted culture and lifestyle, the cuisine of Puducherry is also a substantial reflection of a delicate combination of unlike cultures and traditions. The Quintessence of French Culture, Puducherry was once a notable French colony in India for a long period of time.

Nature of cuisine of Puducherry

Even today, the city houses a lot of French families and the lifestyle of people of Puducherry is somewhat influenced by the French-past! By far, it is inconceivable to think the food of Puducherry without any influence of French.

Yep, the union territory of Puducherry has a unique cuisine which is fine blend of various cuisine types, which include Indian, Tamil, French, Portuguese, Mughals, and Malaysian and so on.

The blend brought out a new range of cuisine that is simply tremendous and well adopted by the local population. Apart from the multinational influence, the cuisine of Puducherry is also influenced by Kerala and Andhra cuisine. The confection of the assorted sorts of culinary arts and techniques is definitely something to be relished!

Puducherry Food - It's all about Fusion!

The culinary art of Puducherry or simply Pondicherrian culinary art is all about vulnerably delicate fusion. The fusion based culinary art of Puducherry is backed by various people who passed across the region. The regional style of Tamil cuisine is predominantly followed across the union territory but with a unique touch of various influences the city has experienced.

For instance, the Pondicherrian cuisine features very few spices; yelakai (Cardamom) and krambu (Cloves) are never used in the food items in the form of powder. The French style in almost all the food items is eminent as the local and traditional items are prepared with a unique set of ingredients. Additionally, French dishes are prepared and modified with a lavish use of Indian spices to give a local touch.

Delicacies of Puducherry

A considerable share of population of Puducherry loves seafood. In fact, seafood delicacies like prawn fritters which is actually from Malaysia and called as Cucur Udang, prawn masala, prawn bajji, fired fish curry, crab masala and many other illustrious delicacies are specialties of Puducherry. The unusual recipe of roasting the fish with a strong touch of cloves added with few other limited ingredients will take you to a whole new world of aroma and taste.
Special dishes of Puducherry

Some of the other popular specialty dishes of Puducherry include Onion soup with bread, smoked eggplant, stuffed pepper, stuffed lettuce, coconut curry, soya dosai, tandoori varieties, kadugu yerra, Cucurbita maxima and potato bisque, vegetable kurma, eggplant gosthu and many other delicacies.

Eating Out in Puducherry

Proudly referred as India's little France, Puducherry is a rapidly growing urban centre that houses people from all corners of the globe. The union territory is the second home of a lot of people who are from actually from the other South Indian and North Indian states and even migrants from France! The city is fast approaching the mark of being a typical cosmopolitan city with giant industries, world class educational institutions, leading healthcare facilities and other prospects.
Restaurants in Puducherry

To match the needs and demands of the growing city, the city is dotted with a lot of eating joints like multicuisine restaurants, specialty vegetarian restaurants, non vegetarian restaurants, chinese restaurants, French restaurants, pizza outlets, fast food chains, coffee shops and many other places.

Some of the popular options for eating out in Puducherry include Karai chettinad restaurant at Nellithope, Le club at White town, CKS restaurant at Mission street, Zaffron multicuisine restaurant at Pondicherry bazaar, Le Vietnam restaurant at Pondicherry bazaar, The pasta bar veneto at Mission street, Goodman restaurant at Kottakupam, Rendez vous restaurant at Suffren road, Subway at Mission street, KFC at MG road, Anjappar chettinad restaurant at Venkata nagar, Satsanga french and Italian restaurant at Labourdonnais street beach road, Hot chips restaurants at Anna salai, La terrasse restaurant at Subbiah street, Madame Shanthes multicuisine French restaurant at Romain Rolland Street and many other trusted restaurants.
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