Lifestyle in Puducherry

The union territory of Puducherry, widely regarded as the Quintessence of French Culture is a distinctive urban centre located just 152 km away from the southern metropolis of Chennai. Once a renowned colony of French, Puducherry always reflect a substantial touch of French in every possible way. As a matter of fact, it is genuinely unimaginable to witness such a delicate flux of Tamil and French culture. The union territory is far-famed for its vibrant lifestyle as the development of the territory has had a long-lasting impact in the way the city functions.  Today, Puducherry is fast approaching the delimitation of being a growing city and proving its best to enroll as one of the distinctive developed cities located in the southern part of the country.

Puducherry Lifestyle

Concisely, Puducherry is a region that is growing in a rapid pace on a day to day basis. With the emergence of various manufacturing plants, information technology companies, educational institutions, prestigious hospitals, the city has changed a lot over the years. Also, the territory of Puducherry houses considerable share migrants who are in the city, primarily for the purpose of employment or education. The already outliving French connection, migrants from other states, strong influence of the original Tamil culture and what not! Puducherry is truly a place to be visited and astonished.

Lifestyle Options in Puducherry

The phase at which the union territory is growing, the potpourri of culture and the delicate influence of yesteryears are some of the major factors that changed the way of living of people of Puducherry. Today, people of Puducherry are opting for a more stylish lifestyle. The city is the home of a lot of fitness centres, beauty salons, boutiques, spas, gyms and other stopping points, which lead to a healthier and fashionable lifestyle.

Spas in Puducherry

Being a region that features as long as 45 km of coastline, Puducherry is believably the first urban centre located in the southern India to have come up with the new age concept of spas.  Puducherry houses a lot of most trusted spas that are regarded as specialty health resorts that are a one-stop point to discover the new you!

Yes, spas in Puducherry usually comprise of gymnasiums with forward-looking equipments, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, beauty treatment facility, yoga hall with professional trainers and other essential facilities. Also, spas in Puducherry practice traditional and advanced therapeutic processes and offer a wide range of therapeutic care for the customers which include ayurvedic therapies, deep tissue rub down, hydrotherapy, inhalation therapy, heat therapy, foot care treatment and many other treatment and wellness methods.

Some of the most trusted and popular spas of Puducherry include Paradise spa at Keelputhupet, Choice beauty studio at Needarajapar street, May flower beauty and health care centre at Kamatchi amman kovil street, Naturals unisex saloon and spa at Ellaipillai chavadi, Xtreme spa at Pondicherry bazaar, Shri annai beauty spa at Anna salai, Susee la belle spa at Bussy street, Glow unisex style saloon and spa at Lally tollendal street, Khadambarees spa at MG road, Sakthi beauty spa at Reddiar palayam, Magical touch beauty spa at Kosapalayam and many other popular spas.

Beauty Parlours in Puducherry

It can well be stated that the union territory of Puducherry houses a considerable share of people in the total population who care more about their personal appearance! The supposed popular opinion is purely based on the fact that Puducherry houses too many beauty parlours, almost in every nook and corner! The beauty parlous in Puducherry offer a long list of services to the customer which usually include face clean ups, basic facials, advance facials, treatment facials, hair wash, haircuts, head massage, hair conditioning services, hair spa services, various make up services like bridal make up, fashion make up, baby make up, party make up, bleaching services, manicure, pedicure and many other services.

Some of the popular beauty parlours in Puducherry include Nivetha beauty parlour at Chinna subbaraya pillai street, Angel beauty parlour at Mudaliarpet, Malas beauty parlour at Thavalakuppam, Ashas beauty parlour at Kosapalayam, Sun son beauty consultant Mettupalayam, Black and white beauty parlour at Mudaliarpet, Green trends at Lal bahadur shastri street, Hemas beauty parlour at Nellithope, Bluesky herbal beauty parlour at Thirubhuvanai, Jasmine beauty parlour at Venkata nagar, Naturals unisex salon at Ellaipillai chavadi, Naturals W salon and bridal studio at Saram and many other beauty parlours.

Boutiques in Puducherry

The people of Puducherry have a tremendous sense of fashion and exposure to the international fashion world. Just like the metropolitan cities like Chennai, Bangalore or Mumbai, people of Puducherry take fashion rather earnestly and this is the very reason that finding a quality boutique in the union territory is no big deal. Puducherry houses a lot of famous boutiques that showcase a wide range of fashion brands from traditional to international trends. Fashion boutiques in Puducherry generally feature a long range of items to the customers which include designer clothing, ladies' bags, footwear, jewelry, accessories and many other fashion products.

Some of the popular boutiques in Puducherry include La boutique d auroville at JN street, Casablanca boutique, Kalki boutique, Hidesign at Mission street, Arcadia boutique, Prasiddhi at JN street, Aurosarjan boutique at Rue bussy, Utkal Baharati Orissa boutique, Raj boutique at SV patel road, Pretty wear boutique at Bistupur, Rang boutique at Canteen street,  Rendez vous at Nehru street, Elle boutique at Ambalathaduvur, Chaiyez collection at Saram, Lart natural at Canteen street, Art house at Rue romain rolland, De Kashmir boutique at Ambour salai and many other fashion boutiques.

Some of the other lifestyle options of Puducherry include fitness centres, gymnasiums, weight loss centres and so on.
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