Mosques in Puducherry

It is a well-known fact that the beginning of the 17th century marked the colonial era in the country. The French East India Company (business enterprise, established during the year 1664 to contend with the Dutch East India and British East India companies in the East India) established its first business centre in the territory during the year 1673. This frontier settlement finally became the main French colonization in the country.

Puducherry Mosques

The medieval period of time of Pondicherry witnessed the reign of the powerful Muslim rulers for a short time. The Islamic domination outspread all over India and they constituted their central office in the southern city of Madurai, Tamil Nadu. The succeeding years marked the declination of Muslim rulers where the Vijayanagar Empire brought the whole of South India, including Pondicherry under their command. Owing to the fact that the union territory of Puducherry was under the Muslim rulers, a lot of mosques were constructed that reflects the awe-inspiring design patterns, architectural brilliance, art and culture of the yesteryear Pondicherry. Let's find out some of the notable mosques in Puducherry along with their location details.

Darga of Masthan Saheb Syed Dawood Buhari

The Darga of Masthan Saheb Syed Dawood Buhari, fondly called as Masthan Saheb Dargah in the local language of Tamil is one among the most popular Muslim shrines in the union territory. Constructed commemorating the celebrated Sufi Saint Masthan Saheb Syed Dawood Buhari, the masjid memorializes his miracles. It is said that about two hundred years ago, Masthan Saheb Syed Dawood Buhari visited Karaikal (district of Puducherry) from Buhara. The Saint resided there and executed a lot of miracles to help the local population.

The Darga of Masthan Saheb Syed Dawood Buhari celebrates the Kandhuri festival each year dedicated to the sufi Saint. The annual Kandhuri festival attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. It is interesting to note that the Darga of Masthan Saheb Syed Dawood Buhari welcomes and accepts people of all religious beliefs. As a matter of fact, the darga attracts a lot of Hindu people who often visit this shrine to get the blessings of the almighty.

Khutbah Mosque

The Khutbha Mosque is widely considered as the oldest mosque of the union territory of Puducherry. Just like the other Muslim shrines in the region, the Khutbha Mosque is located amidst a lot of churches and temples in a peaceful manner. It is believably the oldest Muslim shrine built in Puducherry at the present address of Seventh Day School.

The French invaded the region and branded the neighborhood of the Khutbha Mosque as a White area. Subsequently, a decree was published to displace the shrine and the whole Muslim community from the area. The shrine was resettled in a new place, and it was constructed in a way that it faces the Mecca (the holiest city of Islam). The Muslim shrine is also the home of the Darga of Moulla Saiubu and frequent prayer sessions are organized. 

Meeran Mosque

One among the most significant spiritual address of Muslims in the union territory of Puducherry is the Meeran masjid. Constructed almost 350 years ago, the Meeran masjid is one of the oldest masjids in the region. The architectural pattern of the Muslim shrine is pretty popular among the local population for its singular designs and structures.

Constructed by the Arcot Nawabs, the design of the Meeran masjid displays a medieval Muslim flair. The domical structure of the Meeran Mosue is held by four majestic columns and the bronzy kallasas in the upper side of the frontal minaret brings more beauty to the mosque. Regular prayers are organized in the Meeran Mosque and large number of people visits the mosque throughout the year.

The Mulla Mohammad Mosque

The Urdu language plays a significant role in the religion of Islam, and the Mulla Mohammad masjid was constructed with a noble intention of teaching Urdu language and preaching the basic doctrines of Islam that are together called as the five doctrines of Islamic Faith. The Mulla Mohammad masjid is an integral part of the famous Khuthbha Mosque.

Though, the Mulla Mohammad masjid is a part of Khuthbha Mosque, it still features an individual building structure and administrative system for its own. The Mulla Mohammad Mosque houses a hall for cooking, a modest pool with fishes and a hall for Jenesha.
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