Shopping in Puducherry

Puducherry is a shopper's paradise. Although the city houses very few typical giant shopping malls just like the ones the cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and other metropolitan cities boast, Puducherry never ceases to amaze the visitors with its singular shopping options.

That said who needs behemoth shopping malls, when you get anything to everything from countless popular retail outlets and showrooms, that too everything is located within walking distance! Adding more fun to the cosmopolitan smack and tremendously creative impact Auroville has had on the union territory, Puducherry stands up to the shopping expectations of the visitors from various parts of the globe. Shopping in Puducherry is an absolute delight not only for the shopping enthusiasts, but even the pragmatic people who are excessively careful with money will enjoy buying various merchandises for its tax-free nature.

Puducherry is a perfect destination for passionate shoppers. It's a tax-free terminus for anything to everything. Additionally, there are tempting low levels of tax based on the cost of the item purchased and collected directly from the buyer. Shoppers will, likewise, enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of a lot of boutiques in the union territory, which provide for an extended variety of different expectations and likes, extending fashionable apparels, semi-precious gemstones, fragrances, hand-crafted agarbathis, wax lights stamped with literal flower petals, marbleized silks and aromatherapy (therapeutic use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils in baths or massage) merchandises. Visitors can also encounter an assortment of handcrafts from Puducherry, Karnataka, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat and so on.

Popular Shopping Areas of Puducherry

  • Romain Rolland Street
  • Mahatma Gandhi Street (M.G.Street)
  • Anna Salai
  • Cathedral Street (Mission Street)
  • Nehru Street (J.N.Street)

Textiles Showrooms in Puducherry

Pondicherry is well-known for its celebrated and behemoth textile showrooms which have for long been involved in the product of white goods and apparel materials. From typical Tamil style of dress materials to western outfits, Indian traditional wears to french style fabrics, Pure Khadi materials to international brands, you name it and the India's Little France will be at your service. The textile showrooms in Puducherry offer a long list of collections, which include silk sarees, salwars, designer sarees, western collections, and wedding suits for men, men collections, kid's collections and many other collections.
Pondy Textile Showrooms

Some of the popular textile showrooms in Puducherry include Ram silks, Pothys
(Alayam of silks), PSR silks, Appu Khadi emporium, Casablanca, Sarathas lifestyle, Anglo French textiles, New maharaja silks, VST silks,  Titanic Factory Outlet, Usha silk house, IO The shop, Lotus garments, Hi fashion, Naik traders, Muthu textile bazaar, Lady charme, Arichandra textiles and readymades, Samridhi textiles, Diva textiles, Gowri silks, Meera cotton merchat and many other renowned showrooms.

Antique Furniture in Puducherry

Antique piece of furniture in the union territory is always regarded as the most sought-after specialty of Puducherry. When shopping in the region, visitors should not miss coming by to the sales outlet merchandising old-fashioned furniture. The antique furniture of Puducherry is so special that it attracts not just the local people but even the visitors from across the world who love to collect old-fashioned pieces of furniture. The antique furniture outlets in Puducherry showcase a wide range of items, which generally include Indian, South Indian and French style articles of furniture. The feature of old-fashioned article of furniture is its impressive grandeur and intriguing design that attract people in no time.
Pondy Antique Furniture Showrooms

Some of the popular antique furniture shops/outlets in Puducherry include Geethanjali at Bussy Street, Art Antiqua at Mission Street, Royal Heritage at M G Road, Cotton Wood Furniture Curios at Needarajpaiyer Street, Aurorchana at Lawspet, Gokulam Tanjore Arts Showroom at Chetty Street, Kathiravan Furniture at Labourdannais Street, Versaille at Francois Martin Street, Antiquity at Akkasamy Madam Street, Ramanas Art Gallery at Kottakuppam and many other esteemed antique furniture outlets.

Leather Products and Outlets in Puducherry

Leather products are yet another specialty of the union territory of Puducherry. Leather goods manufactured and merchandised here are long-familiar across the nation. The leather productions from the urban centre are exceedingly marketable even in the global retail markets. The Puducherry leather product producers export their goods to many global locations that they are meant for their singular durability and quality. As a matter of fact, leather goods manufacturing has become a fully grown business enterprise in the union territory.
Puducherry Leather Goods

The leather outlets in Puducherry offer a wide range of products made of pure leather which usually include backpacks, office bags, ladies bags, ladies purses, slippers, wallets, laptop bags, jackets, executive bags, trolley travel bags, medical bags, gloves, belts, key pouches and many other designer products. Some of the popular leather goods outlets in Puducherry include Leather choice at Periamet, Hidesign at Villianur, JJ Collections at Anna Salai, Friends Bag Works at Villianur, Harappa Luxury Goods at Mission Street, Ponds Exporters at Thattanchavadi, Nirvana Boutique at Saffron Street, New Design Leather Work at Kottakuppam and many other quality leather retailers.

Aromatic Products in Puducherry

The aromatic products manufactured and traded in the union territory of Puducherry are world famous for its pure fragrance and nonpoisonous nature. The aromatic outlets usually trade a wide range of products, which include scented soaps, organic oil, jamarosa oil, perfumes, patchouli oil, ocimum oil, spearmint oils, palma rose oil, jasmine oil, scented candles, incense sticks and many other interesting products.
Puducherry Aromatics

Some of the popular aromatic dealers in Puducherry include Kalki Boutique at Mission Street, Maroma at Auroville, Deepam Candles at Kottakuppam, Kailash at Villianur, Saint Dominiques Parfumerie at White Town, Laboratories Senteurs at St Gilles Street, Gadzbee at Nehru Street and many other notable shops.

Handicraft Outlets in Puducherry

Handicraft outlets in Puducherry are must-visit shopping points as they are famous for a wide range of handwork products made of handmade candles, stone jewelry, handmade paper, cane and wood products, handmade bags, and a variety of hand-loomed fabrics such as corduroy, twill, khadi (khaddar), satin, linen and so on.
Pondy Handicrafts

Some of the notable handicraft outlets include La Boutique D Auroville at J N Street, Archies Gallery at Mission Street, Splendour at Goubert Avenue, Auro Handicrafts at Auroville Main Road, Utkal Bharati Orissa Boutique at Rang a Pillai Street, Crafts Emporium at Mission Street, Harappa Luxury Goods at Mission Street, Kumaran Craft Works at Reddiar Palayam,    Kashmir Emporium at Ambour Salai, Via Pondicherry at Romain Rolland Street, Rendez Vous at Nehru Street, Sharadanjali at Auroshilpam, Kudil Crafts at Thiruchitrambalam and many other celebrated handicraft retail stores.

Other singular shopping options and specialty products of Puducherry include:

  • Range of ashram products
  • Cultural collectibles
  • Contemporary furniture
  • Interior decoration items from small town craftsmen
  • Jewelry
  • Bicycles
  • Traditional art products
  • Watches
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